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*The ORIGINAL, 20 Minute Candle*


20 Minute Candles are single-use, hand-dipped candles made with beeswax. Each candle (made with beeswax, no-drip design) will take you through a 20ish minute period and leave you better on the other side. 20 minute candles were created because 20 minutes of quality time to unplug, slow down, pray, think, stretch, relax and repair is possible and important every day for each of us. This sample pack contains 7 candles that burn for 20ish minutes each and come with a stylish base/candle holder, wooden matches and a striking strip to complete. A nice gift to have on-hand to give to anyone for almost any occasion or purpose.


This product was originally dreamt-up and created in our house in Michigan and is now available to share with the world (an idea we hope you'll love). 


This set contains 7 candles that burn for 20ish minutes each. This Sample Set comes with a base/candle holder and book of matches to complete (everything needed to have a little quality, undistracted time for yourself).

Sample Set

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