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20 Minute Candles are single-use, hand-dipped, beeswax candles that guide a person through 20 minutes of "unplugged", renewal/prayer time...without distraction. This product is a simple tool for this life's beautiful (and challenging) days. 


This set contains 22 candles (one for each day of Advent season 2023) that burn for 20ish minutes each. Each candle in this set (made with 100% beeswax, no-drip design) will take the user through a 20ish minute period and leave them better on the other side of that time. This set comes with a base/candle holder and book of matches (everything needed to have a little quality, undistracted/prayer time).


20 Minute candles were created because 20 minutes of quality time to unplug, slow down, pray, think, relax and repair is possible, healthy and important. 


This product was dreamt-up from my home (in Michigan) and I'm happy to share it with you. Made in the U.S.A.


Note: 20 Minute candles are ideal for use in an environment with no wind, as the burn time and clean burn process will be effected.


Shipment packaging uses curbside recyclable, kraft mailers and labels (because that matters!). 

2023 Advent Set

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